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In life, if we are wise, we do what we need to do, and do not do what we don’t need to do. If we think and act with this in mind, most things will unfold easily and smoothly. The challenge, of course, is knowing what we need to do, rather than what we want to do.

As we explore our needs, we sometimes realize that our lives are a merging of many diverse elements. These elements have come together to produce something that is obviously greater than any of the qualities in the individual parts. It is as if two plus two was to equal five. The doctrine that explains this phenomenon is known as holism. Holism emphasizes the priority of a whole over its parts.

Holism is a very important concept for the extraordinary individual seeking to create an effective life game strategy.

“In any analysis of any part of the world, it is mandatory to institute general reasoning in which the whole — the Absolute — is also included. This is what science scrupulously avoids. Science is all about the parts and ignoring the whole. Science is non-holistic, which is why it cannot arrive at a grand unified, final theory of everything. From the whole, you can get to every part, because the whole defines the parts. If you start with the parts, as science does, you can never get to the whole because the parts are necessarily defined piecemeal, heuristically, and with no regard to the whole, since the whole is unknown. A bottom-up approach can never work. Only top-down approaches have any chance of working. Empiricists are always parts of people and bottom-up people. Rationalists are holistic and top-down. These are opposite worldviews. The PSR is an explanatory, top-down principle. Randomness is non-explanatory, bottom-up speculation.”
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This essentially becomes what the Taoist Sages called Wu wei, the action that requires no action. It is similar to the law of Attraction. To get to this state of awareness will require a comprehensive mental self-assessment. Such an assessment needs to include the key psychological and physical activities of our daily life, as well as requiring a tallying of those intangible factors that contribute to the overall quality of any on-going process of self-assessment. As this is done we actually begin to understand all of the stories, legends, narratives, and myths that have enslaved us. With this understanding and through merging of Holism and Wu wei become free of them.



Of course from the perspective of science and logic, the idea that the sum might be greater than the parts or a person can get something done by doing nothing makes no sense. To understand how this works you need only look at the photo of the bird at the top of this post.

Still, the concept of holism and synergy has been embraced in many of the social sciences but is still considered a radical concept in the mainstream scientific community though many quantum physicists have embraced it.

One of the defining principles of my work in  HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) is Actualized intention – a conscious, spiritually driven strategic principle that states;

The moment I am ready, willing and able to act on my intention, all manner of unforeseen events, and circumstances – ‘an invisible hand’ – comes into play, spontaneously, without discipline or willpower to bring to the fore an extraordinary process of love compassion, empathy, in the service of bringing one’s vision to fruition.”

 I want you to know in no uncertain terms, that ignoring applied game theory, or living in the illusion that you can important life-changing decisions without applying these ideas is a huge mistake in judgment.


Without life hacking/gamer-thinking, one is likely to be confronted with higher levels of powerlessness in a world increasingly defined by smart devices, thousands of apps, and competition.

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